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The Best Ways to Fight Banking Trojans

November 30, 2019 by Josh Ablett
Banking Trojans are back, and they're nasty. Click on the wrong email, and hackers drain your firm's operating accounts. Incredibly, many of these attacks even defeat your bank's two-factor authentication. Here's a great article that explains how banking trojans bypass two-factor authentication. So what should every business do to protect yourself against banking trojans? The […]
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SEC Cybersecurity Guidance: Phishing

November 19, 2019 by Josh Ablett
As our work moves online and becomes more digital, our risks are changing. In recognition of this fact, registered investment advisors must take cybersecurity seriously. The SEC cybersecurity guidance lays out clear directions for taking cybersecurity risks seriously. And one of the biggest threats to your firm today is phishing. The SEC Cybersecurity Guidance seems […]
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Do you know the most important phishing tip? 20 people didn't.

October 28, 2019 by Josh Ablett
Last week, we were sitting in a conference room with 20 people. These were smart people. All highly educated. They all use computers every single day. We were talking to them about ways to keep safe online. The conversation ranged from phishing to ransomware to staying safe at home. It was fun to be with […]
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Go Phish: 8 Phishing Facts and 9 Prevention Tips

September 11, 2019 by Josh Ablett
Are you doing enough to protect your business from phishing? That's the question we just asked 503 business owners. You see, we talk to a lot of people who aren't doing enough to protect their business from phishing attacks. We wanted to understand why. Maybe they just don’t think it’s a major concern in their […]
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