Adelia Risk is a Boutique cybersecurity agency that works exclusively with small, high-value companies in highly-regulated industries, including financial services, medical/biotech and government contracting.

These companies must adhere to a higher standard of cybersecurity than most other businesses and, therefore, need a more sophisticated approach that is still easy to adopt, use and maintain, so that it does not impede workflow or growth.

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This year, 51,110 people from all 50 states turned to Adelia Risk for cybersecurity advice.

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Why Adelia?

“Adelia Risk’s greatest strength is their ability to rapidly assess, assimilate and prioritize issues. This allows us to target the most important issues in the most cost-effective manner. With their help, we have dramatically accelerated our improvement and expansion of an already-ambitious program.” — Dan A., COO, Business Process Outsourcing Firm