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Our clients are our #1 priority. We listen to feedback and aim to create effective cybersecurity programs tailored for each client.
We welcome questions, and aim to provide the best support possible.


We wouldn't be a great cybersecurity company if we weren't asking questions or paying attention to details.
Our reports and tools contain critical information, and we pride ourselves on being investigative and precise.


Learning is a crucial part of good cybersecurity. As a team, we are constantly learning about new tools, cyberattack techniques, and programs. We then get to teach what we learn to our clients.


Josh Ablett, CISSP, has been meeting regulations and stopping hackers for 17 years. He has worked with an alphabet soup of cybersecurity frameworks like SEC, FINRA, FDIC, OCC, HIPAA, and CMMC, NIST, SOC2, GLBA, and state privacy laws. He has survived dozens of audits, and only has a bit of grey hair to show for it. Before launching Adelia Risk, Josh worked with the cybersecurity divisions of HP, Bottomline, and Dtex doing cybersecurity projects for Fortune 500 clients. Josh got his start in cybersecurity while working as SVP/Head of Fraud and Global Insider Threat at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).
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What our clients say

"Adelia Risk is exactly what I needed for my business, I’m in healthcare and protecting PHI is critical. We weren't sure we were set up properly. Adelia Risk made it so we don't have to worry. They took care of our email security, made sure our computers were set up the right way, and even took the time to train our staff on how to be safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant."

Mark Lescault, 
Grace Barker Health

Working with Adelia Risk provides peace of mind. I sleep better at night knowing that our client data is being protected. Josh and his team are responsive, highly knowledgeable and helpful. 

They take complicated topics and make them understandable. We love working with Adelia Risk!"

Stacey Sternberg,
Parsons Capital Management

"Before we hired Adelia, I thought our IT people (me) had the cybersecurity thing covered. 'We' were wrong. 

Josh and his team helped us find the gaps, close the gaps and document everything so we're as buttoned up as we need to be for our clients and the SEC."

W. Ben Utley
Physician Family Financial Advisors, Inc.

"Like most investment advisors, I wanted to worry less and prepare for our next audit. Other vendors offered confusing "one size fits all" solutions. Since working with Adelia, we've built a policy that we understand and can achieve! We passed our most recent audit with flying colors."

Charlie Jackson,
Jackson Money Management

We are very satisfied with the quality of product and exceptional customer service.

We have a high level of confidence in our ability to protect PHI because Adelia Risk properly set up our HIPAA compliant email."

Brenda Falls,
Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic

"I chose Adelia Risk because I understood that they would guide me through a process, not simply provide tools for me to learn and use.

I was not disappointed!"

Seth Jentner,
Jentner Wealth Management

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