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Virtual CISO Service

For companies with fewer than 250 employees
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Why Hire a Virtual CISO?

Why Hire a

Why break the bank hiring a full-time CISO, when you can tap into top-notch cybersecurity expertise without adding another employee to your payroll?

At Adelia Risk, we bring to the table our revolutionary vCISO service, which delivers high-quality security expertise, tailored specifically to your business needs. By joining forces with us, you can say farewell to the financial pressure of hiring a full-time CISO, and welcome the flexibility our services offer.

Our skilled security professionals will collaborate closely with you, understanding your unique needs and crafting custom strategies to tackle your cybersecurity challenges. And rest assured, we're not your typical dry, dull security folks. We like to have fun while ensuring your business stays on top of potential threats and regulations.

Flexibility & Scalability

We offer the flexibility to scale your security resources based on your needs.

Cost Savings

We provide access to top-tier security expertise without the high costs associated with hiring a full-time employee.

Industry Expertise

With our broad sector experience, we have valuable insights to tackle complex cybersecurity challenges effectively.

Proactive Threat

We assess risks, identify vulnerabilities, and take proactive measures to mitigate security incidents effectively.

Compliance & Regulatory Support

We navigate compliance frameworks, ensuring your organization meets regulatory requirements and standards. 

Who We Work With Today

RIAs / Investment Advisors

Got an SEC or state audit on the horizon, RIAs? No worries, we've got you covered. Our team of experts will help you set up all the right frameworks, policies, and procedures to make sure you're in the clear on compliance and data security.

Learn more about SEC audits

CMMC / US DoD Contractors

Are you a DoD contractor? We're here to help you nail and maintain CMMC compliance. Our services are tailored to meet all the necessary security standards, setting you up for success when it comes to securing those government contracts that require CMMC compliance.

Learn more about CMMC compliance

SOC 2 Audit Preparation

Got a SOC 2 audit coming up? Don't sweat it, that's our specialty. We team up with your folks, crafting processes, tools, and docs that can breeze through the stringent security and privacy standards of the SOC 2 reports. Together, we'll ensure a smooth ride towards compliance success.

Get help with SOC2 compliance

Healthcare Companies / Vendors

Navigating the tricky waters of HIPAA compliance in the healthcare world? We're here to help tackle those technical and complex aspects of HIPAA compliance. Together, we'll roll out the safeguards and controls you need, keeping that sensitive patient information under lock and key.

Learn more about HIPAA compliance

MSPs / IT Providers

We team up with MSPs and IT Providers to amp up their reputation and wow their clients with top-notch security services. Together, we roll out bulletproof solutions that hit the industry's gold standards, making them the go-to trusted partners.

Let's talk!

Who Needs a Virtual CISO?

Security Compliance

Stuck on compliance? It can all be a little silly. We help clients comply with cybersecurity regulations like HIPAA, CMMC, NIST-800-171, SEC, NYFDS, IRS, FFIEC, and more.

Don't Lose Revenue

Preparing for an audit? We guide our clients through vital audits like SOC2, ISO27001, NIST, or industry-specific ones. With revenue at stake, our expertise is vital.

Stay in Business

Struggling to stay in business? Non-compliance with guidelines in fields like law or CPA firms can risk operations. We offer solutions to safeguard your practice.

Whip I.T. Into Shape

I.T. isn't your thing? We get it! However, most hacks result from I.T. errors. Clients seek our unbiased help, and even some of the smarter I.T. providers out there bring us in!

Why Work With Us?

Adelia Risk is a long-term partner, not a one-time cybersecurity consultant. 
We don't deliver a report then vanish. We work with you over time to reach your security goals.
Leading our team is Josh Ablett, a seasoned expert with 14 years of experience in the field. Under his guidance, we are driven to deliver solutions that are unparalleled.
Our team comprises of certified professionals with reputable backgrounds and exceptional expertise in navigating complex compliance frameworks. Our commitment is to fortify your defenses and ensure consistent compliance.

How It Works

When you choose to partner with us, you can expect a well-defined process that ensures
your specific requirements are met and your valuable assets are protected.
Here's a detailed overview of how our collaboration unfolds:

Month 1

Kickoff Meeting

This is when we really get to know your business. We discuss your goals, take a good look at your current security setup, and address any specific issues that keep you up at night.

Your First Vulnerability Scan

Our team gets under the hood with a thorough vulnerability scan to uncover any weaknesses lurking within your systems and networks. From there, we offer expert recommendations for reinforcement.

Your First Employee Cybersecurity Training

Through our comprehensive training sessions, we equip your employees with the knowledge they need to spot and stop potential threats.

Your First Phishing Test

We take your team 'phishing' to see their online safety skills in action, pinpointing where more training is needed.

Months Two and Three

Comprehensive 60-Point Gap Assessment

We'll dive deep into your company's security, checking out 60 critical areas. By stacking you up against top-notch industry practices, we'll swiftly snapshot your security. Spot any holes or weak spots? We'll flag 'em and help you beef up those defenses.

Deep Security Review of Microsoft or Google

For organizations utilizing Microsoft or Google services, we've got you covered. We run a comprehensive security review that's specially tailored to these platforms.

Prioritized Security Project Plan

With our Security Project Plan, we map out the recommended actions, initiatives, and projects. These are specifically designed to address identified gaps and vulnerabilities. Ensuring your resources are well-spent and risks are swiftly dealt with.

Regular Chats on Cybersecurity

To keep us all on the same page, we pencil in frequent catch-ups to chat about your cybersecurity priorities. These aren't your everyday meetings, but a special time to swap project updates, tackle any new cyber threats, and tweak the security project plan as needed.

Continued Security Enhancement

Your Tailored Policy Game Plan
We're here to lend a hand in crafting security policies and procedures that fit your organization like a glove. These policies serve as a framework for maintaining security standards, guiding employees in their day-to-day activities, and mitigating risks.
Seasonal Cybersecurity Reports
Every quarter, we dish out a fresh cybersecurity report to keep you in the loop on how everything's shaping up. You'll be able to see any security happenings, trending threats, vulnerability checks, and how well your security measures are holding up.
Yearly Risk Check-ups
Once a year, we sit down for a deep-dive look at your organization's ever-shifting threat landscape. We're not just eyeballing vulnerabilities and measuring your security controls' muscle, but staying a step ahead of the emerging threats.
Briefings with Execs and Board
We hold regular briefings with your executives and board members, making sure they're up to speed on the measures we're taking to keep your organization safe. These aren't just briefings, but an opportunity for your key decision-makers to really grasp the security initiatives, understand the risks, and make informed decisions to protect your valuable assets.
Non-stop Email Lifeline
Got a question, a head-scratcher, or need a hand with something cybersecurity-related? We're all ears, all the time. With our non-stop email support, you've got a direct hotline to our savvy professionals, ready to assist whenever you need.

What's included in the
Adelia Risk Virtual CISO Service

Cloud Audits

Annual cloud audits of your major cloud systems (e.g., Microsoft 365, Google Workspace).

Domain Monitoring

You'll be alerted if someone is trying to steal the keys to your digital kingdom (your DNS settings).  

Office Scans

You'll be notified if your office network is set up in a way that lets hackers get in.

Hacker Database

You'll get an alert if your company pops up on the main database hackers use to find targets.

Dark Web Monitoring

We'll let you know if your employees' accounts or passwords are compromised in data breaches.

Cybersecurity Training

Short, funny, and highly effective monthly cybersecurity videos followed by a one question quiz.

Vulnerability Scanning

You'll get a report each month that summarizes gaps that hackers can use to attack you, and advice on how to fix.

Security Risk Assessment

Upfront and annual risk review and advice on how to improve cybersecurity.

Quarterly Reports

We'll send reports that summarize everything you're doing, and point out any issues that need fixing.

End User Tests

Twice a year, we'll run tests with one of your employees to spot security problems our scanners can't see.

Email Support

You get unlimited support via email to answer any of your cybersecurity-related questions.  

Expert Help

We point you in the right direction and help you make cybersecurity a proactive, managed part of your business.  

Typical Virtual CISO vs. Adelia Virtual CISO

Every typical Virtual CISO service will ensure you receive top-notch security policies and procedures and comprehensive security assessments and are usually a big win for larger companies.
But with over 100 clients under our belt, we've cracked the code on how to streamline this process for SMBs, all without skimping on quality.


Better for larger companies

Long term contracts

Cybersecurity tools and services for additional cost


Better for smaller companies

Cancel with 30 days notice

Cybersecurity tools and services included

But Are We Any Good?

We think so. And our clients do too. 

Like other Virtual CISO companies, we have all the right certs and we have a great team. Our founding CISO is on the Board of a bank. But we're also so confident in what we do that we don't require long term contracts. You can cancel our service at any time, with 30 days notice.

Life's too short to work with unhappy clients.
Clients (and counting) in Finserv, Healthcare and Government.
Not working out? Cancel anytime with 30 days notice.
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What Our Clients Say

“Before we hired Adelia, I thought our IT people (me) had the cybersecurity thing covered. 'We' were wrong. Josh and his team helped us find the gaps, close the gaps and document everything so we're as buttoned up as we need to be for our clients and the SEC.”

W. Ben Utley
Physician Family Financial Advisors

“Like most investment advisors, I wanted to worry less and prepare for our next audit. Other vendors offered confusing "one size fits all" solutions. Since working with Adelia, we've built a policy that we understand and can achieve! We passed our most recent audit with flying colors.”

Charlie Jackson
Jackson Wealth Management

"I chose Adelia Risk because I understood that they would guide me through a process, not simply provide tools for me to learn and use. I was not disappointed!"

Seth Jentner
Jentner Wealth Management

“Working with Adelia Risk provides peace of mind. I sleep better at night knowing that our client data is being protected. Josh and his team are responsive, highly knowledgeable and helpful. They take complicated topics and make them understandable. We love working with
Adelia Risk!”

Stacey Sternberg
Parsons Capital Management

“Adelia Risk is exactly what I needed for my business, I’m in healthcare and protecting PHI is critical. We weren't sure we were set up properly. Adelia Risk made it so we don't have to worry. They took care of our email security, made sure our computers were set up the right way, and even took the time to train our staff on how to be safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant."

Mark Lescault
Grace Barker Health

“We are very satisfied with the quality of product and exceptional customer service. We have a high level of confidence in our ability to protect PHI because Adelia Risk properly set up our HIPAA compliant email."

Brenda Falls
Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic

FAQs About our vCISO Services

How does a Virtual CISO work with our organization?

We dive into understanding your unique cybersecurity needs, run the rule over risk assessments, hatch and roll out strategies, and give you the lowdown on compliance needs. And that's not all – we also host security awareness training and have your back with incident response and recovery.

Do you provide any additional services?

Yes, at Adelia Risk, we've got a variety of extra services ready to match your specific needs. We're talking tabletop exercises, penetration testing, round-the-clock monitoring, audit support, bespoke training, and more. We take a good look at your needs, then give you a quote that nails it.

How is communication maintained?

We keep the lines of communication wide open. Whether it's via email, a video chat, or using some pretty neat collaboration tools, we're always in touch. With regular meet-ups and status check-ins, we make sure we're all on the same page when it comes to your goals.

Are you suitable for small businesses? 

You bet! Our services are a real game-changer, especially for small businesses that might not have the resources to hire a full-time CISO. Small businesses can tap into expert advice and build robust cybersecurity measures without breaking the bank.

Can a Virtual CISO work with our existing IT team?

Yeah, we slide right into the mix with your current IT team. We work hand-in-hand with your IT team, offering up our knowledge, tips, and support to beef up your overall cybersecurity stance.

How do we get started?

Want to chat? Just hit us up using the contact form down below to set up a first-time chat. During this friendly conversation, we'll talk about your specific needs, clear up any queries, and figure out the best game plan tailored to your requirements.

What does the Virtual CISO Service Cost?

Price? It depends on your team size, the complexity of your organization, and how soon you need us to step in. So, it's a bit challenging to give a figure without having a chat first.

However, our pricing is broken into two parts.  
In the beginning, we invest some good hours in in-depth cybersecurity assessments and getting all the policies and documents in order.

For this initial work, there's a one-time fee. This usually falls in the four to low-five-figures range, depending on your company size and how intricate things are.
Now, for our continuous cybersecurity services (the ones we mentioned above), there's a monthly charge.

How much are we talking? Well, it depends on your company's size and all the intricate bits and pieces. But, just to give you an idea, it's usually a few hundred dollars a month for the smaller enterprises, up to a few grand a month for the larger companies.

Do you think we might be a good match?


Do you think we might be a
good match?

We help over 100 of the best financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing companies across the U.S. with their cybersecurity.
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