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Step-by-step HIPAA Playbook for Google Workspace

Make Google Workspace HIPAA compliant in less than a day for less than one hour of an IT expert's time. 
Google Workspace HIPAA Playbook by Adelia Risk
We've been using Google's Workspace for PHI, but we weren't sure if it was set up properly. Adelia Risk made it so we don't have to worry.
It is laid out well. You are very good at what you do.
The e-book was VERY informative. Thank You. Much better than doing it with the google guide alone. Configured everything by going step by step.

Our Guide Protects You from 6-Figure Fines


Every step of the process is outlined for you, step-by-step. Be confident you're doing it right.


Dozens of images of what to do on each screen makes the process simple to follow.


With 124 pages of coverage, our guide touches on every single thing you need to do step-by-step, to get it right the first time.


Our HIPAA Playbook is designed to ensure practices of all sizes can make their Google Workspace HIPAA compliant.

Three reasons why you should make your
Google Workspace HIPAA compliant

Avoid 6-Figure Fines

Hefty fines are hitting even tiny medical practices. Our guide gives you a step by step process to protect yourself from these fines.

Our Guide Makes It Easy

Don’t let your busy schedule stand in the way of setting Workspace up the right way.

Protect Your Business and Patients Against Hackers

Medical information is valuable on the black market, and hackers are trying non-stop to get it.

Protect your business from risk with a done-for-you, step-by-step guide that shows you how to do it 100% properly today.

We help over 100 of the best financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing companies across the U.S. with their cybersecurity.
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