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Category: HIPAA and Email

Interested in learning more about HIPAA and Email? You’ve come to the right place. 

Articles in the category ‘HIPAA and Email’ detail various popular email programs including Gmail and Outlook. You’ll also find information about secure email systems, which is a must have if you intend to email clients. 

Here are our favorite and most popular articles:

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HIPAA Compliant Gmail (The Perfect How-To Guide for 2023)

Feb 01, 2022 by Josh Ablett
Does HIPAA compliant Gmail exist? The answer is YES, if you set it up properly. Read on more to learn how! Google’s email, calendar, and productivity tools (recently renamed from G Suite to “Google Workspace”) are absolutely fantastic.  They’re easy to use and very affordable. Google Workspace is also highly secure, but there are very […]
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3 Surprising Gmail HIPAA Mistakes

Oct 13, 2021 by Holly Sagstetter
If you want your Gmail HIPAA compliant, you’re in the right place.  Gmail and Google Workspace are wonderful tools for medical practices since they can be HIPAA compliant. Notice I said CAN BE. Gmail and Google Workspace are not HIPAA compliant right out of the box.  Feature Download: FREE checklist about Gmail and Google Workspace […]
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HIPAA Email Encryption: We Reviewed 7 Services and Found the Best

Dec 30, 2020 by Josh Ablett
Trying to figure out the best way to handle HIPAA Email encryption?  How do you send PHI via email and still follow HIPAA?  And how do you send encrypted email in cloud services like Gmail or Microsoft365?  These are two of the most common questions we get. Want to Save Time? Get started with our […]
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Is Gmail HIPAA Compliant in 2023? (3 Useful Points)

Dec 27, 2020 by Josh Ablett
Is Gmail HIPAA compliant? Many health care providers are required to adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). This article talks about how you can send HIPAA compliant email. This act was designed to protect a patient’s personally-identifying information from being accessible to the general public. As more clinicians are electronically transmitting […]
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Is Gmail Encryption HIPAA Compliant?

Dec 20, 2020 by Josh Ablett
We've recently discussed whether or not Gmail is HIPAA Compliant. In short, it depends. Gmail is HIPAA compliant when set up correctly. But what about Gmail encryption? Is Gmail encryption HIPAA compliant? Once again, it depends. Gmail encryption also has the potential to be a HIPAA compliant email option depending on how you set it […]
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Is Microsoft 365 HIPAA compliant? - Make It More Secure

Dec 15, 2020 by Josh Ablett
Health care providers must follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  Is Microsoft 365 HIPAA compliant, though? This act protects your patient healthcare data (PHI). As more clinicians are electronically transmitting patient records and other personal information to specialists and medical facilities, it is imperative that we ensure that information is secure because […]
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5 Ways to Make Google Workspace HIPAA Compliant

Dec 15, 2020 by Josh Ablett
Google Workspace HIPAA compliance can be confusing. A lot of companies make a huge mistake when it comes to Google Workspace and HIPAA.  They think that all they have to do is sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Google, and they're suddenly HIPAA compliant. Nothing could be further from the truth. Feature Download: […]
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Is Gmail Secure? 6 Ways to Tell if it's Right for You

Dec 15, 2020 by Josh Ablett
Is Gmail secure?  Let's walk through the security features they have, and think about how they work in the real world. Feature Download: FREE checklist about Gmail and Google Workspace HIPAA Compliance (Download Now) 1) Is Gmail Secure against Phishing? Hackers use "phishing" attacks to either steal your data or get control of your computer. […]
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Microsoft365 HIPAA Compliance - 6 Reasons Why It's Great

Dec 05, 2020 by Josh Ablett
Thinking about moving your practice to Microsoft365?  We’re big fans.  Microsoft has really invested a ton in robust security settings and HIPAA compliance. Here are six features that show how Microsoft is serious about medical practices, HIPAA, and IT security. 1) HIPAA Business Associate agreement Microsoft will execute a HIPAA BAA that covers Microsoft365.  Check […]
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HIPAA Compliant Email - Receiving Emails from Patients

Nov 25, 2020 by Josh Ablett
We'd like to answer one of the most common questions that we get about HIPAA compliant email. One of the visitors to our site asked us... "How is the e-mail encrypted when the client/patient responds to your encrypted e-mail you send to them? I understand the e-mail you send to them is encrypted, but I […]
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