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The Best Ways to Fight Banking Trojans

Banking Trojans are back, and they're nasty. Click on the wrong email, and hackers drain your firm's operating accounts. Incredibly, many of these attacks even defeat your bank's two-factor authentication. Here's a great article that explains how banking trojans bypass two-factor authentication. So what should every business do to protect yourself against banking trojans? The [...]

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Five Cheap Data Loss Prevention Tools

Companies that need to comply with privacy laws like HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, etc. need to worry about data loss prevention tools. “Data loss prevention” typically refers to preventing employees from deliberately stealing or accidentally leaking sensitive data. The typical stack to data loss prevention tools include: Blocking or monitoring USB drives Blocking or monitoring CD/DVD burners [...]

Is Office 365 HIPAA compliant?

Health care providers must follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  Is Office 365 HIPAA compliant, though? This act protects your patient healthcare data (PHI).  As more clinicians are electronically transmitting patient records and other personal information to specialists and medical facilities, it is imperative that we ensure that information is secure. Isn’t [...]

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6 Reasons Office 365 Rocks for Medical Practices

Thinking about moving your practice to Office 365?  We’re big fans.  Microsoft has really invested a ton in robust security settings and HIPAA compliance. Here are six features that show how Microsoft is serious about medical practices, HIPAA, and IT security. 1) HIPAA Business Associate agreement Microsoft will execute a HIPAA BAA that covers Office [...]