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Paubox is Great for HIPAA

Paubox is great for HIPAA!

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If you're looking for secure email to send PHI safely to patients, other practices, insurance companies, or clients, we think Paubox is the best solution out there.

Why?  Take a look at our article about 7 Ways to Safely Email PHI.  To help our clients, we reviewed lots of different ways to safely email PHI.  Paubox was, hands down, our favorite.  We liked it so much that we signed up to be a reseller, and now we include it in our HIPAA compliance packages.

The article goes into more detail, but essentially we like Paubox because it's transparent.

What do we mean by transparent?

Every email you send is secure and encrypted, and you don't have to do anything special.

Better yet, most of the time your email shows up in your recipients email box just like a regular email.  Your recipients don't need to mess around with passwords, one-time codes, or links.  It just shows up.

Works with every email system

You can also add Paubox to any email system.  We have clients who use Paubox with HIPAA-compliant Google Workspace, HIPAA-compliant Microsoft365, and even their own email server.

It's a cloud-hosted system, so there's nothing to install.


Paubox is priced comparably to other secure email systems that are available.

We charge the same for Paubox that you would pay if you bought from Paubox directly.

Prices start at $10 per email account (with a $30 minimum), but the prices go down with more users.

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Why buy through Adelia Risk?

When you buy through Adelia Risk, you'll pay the same price as if you bought from Paubox directly.  We are a reseller, and get a small commission.

Secure email (like Paubox) is only one small part of HIPAA compliance.

When you work with Adelia Risk, we help you cover all aspects of HIPAA compliance.   We'll also help you install and configure Paubox on your email system.

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