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IT Managed Service Provider Cybersecurity

Your future is cybersecurity

But are you doing it right?

If you're an IT managed service provider (MSP), does this sound familiar?
  • You want to offer cybersecurity services but don't know where to start.
  • You're struggling to get cheap customers to pay for cybersecurity.
  • You're not sure what you need in your stack -- next-gen AV? EDR? SIEM? SOC?
  • You've tried those "cybersecurity for MSPs" tools out there, and you're frustrated. They're an incomplete answer.
  • You're not sure how to sell cybersecurity services, and who to target.
  • You're uncomfortable -- your customers think you're handling all of their cybersecurity. You know you're not.
Sound familiar? Read on...

Top MSP Cybersecurity Mistakes

Time and time again, we see MSP's make the same cybersecurity mistakes:
  • Focusing too much on the tools. Customers don't care.
  • Trying to wow customers with technology. They don't care.
  • Thinking that cybersecurity means simply adding training and a SOC to your stack. Nope.
  • Trying to dazzle clients with a 100 page security assessment. Again, customers don't care.
  • Scaring customers with dramatic cybersecurity stories. Fear, Uncertain, and Doubt (F.U.D.) stopped working a decade ago.
  • Avoiding the topic. Clients assume you're on top of cybersecurity, but you know you're not.  
The good news is that it IS possible to sell cybersecurity to small and mid-sized businesses. And you CAN charge a premium.
We've found three keys to success in selling cybersecurity...
  1. Focus on the right industries. Only certain types of companies are spending money on cybersecurity these days.
  2. Focus on the business impact. Tie cybersecurity to a business outcome TODAY. Focusing on some mysterious threat in the future doesn't work.
  3. Have a clear, complete offer. Make it specific, and make sure it addresses the requirements of their industry.

The Solution: AdeliaRisk's Cybersecurity Services for MSP's

My name is Josh Ablett, and I'm the Chief Information Security Officer at Adelia Risk.

We've been helping clients with cybersecurity since 2010. We've worked with companies ranging from 5 to 150,000 people.

I've been on both sides of the cybersecurity equation, both as an enterprise buyer and a vendor.

We've come up with a coaching package to help MSP's deliver better cybersecurity. Our service will help you:
  • Figure out which cybersecurity services to offer
  • Develop a gameplan to target customers that care about cybersecurity
  • Have a complete cybersecurity offering
  • Have clear, honest conversations with your clients about cybersecurity.
Here's more about the solution:

MSP CyberCoach

We provide on-going coaching to help your team hone their cybersecurity program. Services include:
  • Hour-long coaching sessions with up to four people
  • Feedback on your service offering, and how it compares to other MSPs
  • Feedback on your sales presentations and/or script
  • Sales role playing -- we act the part of buyer, and we'll give you feedback on your pitch
  • Tool strategy -- we provide feedback and selection help on cybersecurity tools
  • Marketing -- who to target, and how to speak their language
  • Policy and regulatory feedback -- we'll help you figure out how to align with various cybersecurity regulations (like HIPAA, NIST, SEC, etc.)
  • Operational advice -- figure out which systems to make part of your real-time monitoring
  • Training -- we can teach your junior staff real-world lessons about cybersecurity
We don't just try to sell you the magic "fix all the things!" cybersecurity product and then walk away. We work with your team to find the right solutions for your region, business, and clients.
MSP CyberCoach clients also have the option to resell some of our cybersecurity and automation products. However, you are under no obligation to do so.
This is a coaching program only sold to select IT MSP's who are serious about cybersecurity.
Most clients start with our 10-week program.  Prices vary, but are typically in the four-figure range.
We help over 100 of the best financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing companies across the U.S. with their cybersecurity.
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