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Our clients sleep better knowing their cybersecurity is handled.  We focus on investment advisor firms with 1 - 200 employees.
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Hackers are targeting you and your clients.

You're reading about it in the news, and so are your clients. 

Getting hacked is preventable, but it takes focus, discipline, and on-going planning.
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wealth management cybersecurity by Adelia Risk

And auditors are paying attention.

Whether it's the SEC's Division of Examinations or various state regulatory bodies, auditors are asking you to prove that you keep your clients and your firm safe.

What our clients say about working with Adelia...

"Working with Adelia Risk provides peace of mind. I sleep better at night knowing that our client data is being protected. Josh and his team are responsive, highly knowledgeable and helpful. They take complicated topics and make them understandable. We love working with Adelia Risk!"

Stacey Sternberg
Parsons Capital Management

"Like most investment advisors, I wanted to worry less and prepare for our next audit. Other vendors offered confusing "one size fits all" solutions. Since working with Adelia, we've built a policy that we understand and can achieve! We passed our most recent audit with flying colors."

Charlie Jackson
Jackson Money Management

"Before we hired Adelia, I thought our IT people (me) had the cybersecurity thing covered. 'We' were wrong. Josh and his team helped us find the gaps, close the gaps and document everything so we're as buttoned up as we need to be for our clients and the SEC."

W. Ben Utley
Physician Family Financial Advisors, Inc.

"I chose Adelia Risk because I understood that they would guide me through a process, not simply provide tools for me to learn and use.

I was not disappointed!"

Seth Jentner
Jentner Wealth Management

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