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Secure Cloud for
Wealth Management Firms

Make sure your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace is safe, secure, and properly configured.  
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Is your cloud secure?

In our typical audits, investment advisors fail over 70% of the requirements needed to keep data safe in Microsoft 365 (M365) or Google Workspace (GWS).  

Our Secure Cloud for Wealth Management Program helps you keep data safe.
Secure Cloud for Wealth Management Cybersecurity Audit

Here's how it works...

Step 1: Audit

We audit dozens of security settings in GWS or M365.

Step 2: Draft Report

We'll send you our findings for initial review.  

Step 3: Apply Easy Fixes

We'll make any changes that don't impact users.  

Step 4: Coordinate Other Fixes

We'll help with fixes that might impact users.  

Step 5: Final Report

We'll update our final report for your Compliance folder. 

Step 6: Annual Audits

Each year, we'll review your settings for changes.  

Make Your Cloud Secure

Secure Cloud for Wealth Management Plan

An affordable option to make your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace secure, and to keep them that way.
$127 / month
Get Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud for Wealth Management - Optional Add-Ons

For clients who want to be safer, we offer the following add-ons.  

The Best Phishing Protection

A system that scans every inbound email for phishing, viruses, and spam.  Works better than M365 or GWS do alone at spotting threats.  
user / month

The Best Secure Email

A completely transparent secure email system -- stop messing around with passwords and codes when sending sensitive documents.  Great for older clients.    
user / month (depending on size)

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about the Secure Cloud for Wealth Management Program

What are contract terms?

We require a one-year contract for the first year, which allows us to recover our costs for the setup process, which is time consuming.  After the first year, either party may cancel with 30 days written notice.  

How can I pay?

You'll receive an invoice via email that you can pay via credit card, bank transfer, or check. Your purchase is protected by a money-back guarantee.

How long does the process take?

Our initial audit is typically finished within 2-4 weeks.  The timing after that will depend on your availability to work with us to implement the required changes.  

How do we get started?

First, we'll sign an agreement.  Once that's signed, you'll get an email with instructions on how to grant us access to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.  

Does Adelia have access to any of our client data?

Absolutely not. The accounts you'll set up for us have no access to any emails or documents that you store in your cloud. All we'll be able to see is the settings that we need to review.

What are my other options?

We help over 100 of the best financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing companies across the U.S. with their cybersecurity.
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