Firing an employee, or having an employee leave voluntarily? Use this list of 28 measures to keep your business safe.

Human Resources and Legal

1) Collect resignation letter (if voluntary)

2) Collect personal contact information (personal email, personal phone)

3) Disable building access / collect keys

4) Disable office access / collect keys

5) Notify any vendors that employee works with

6) Calculate vacation days

7) Notify payroll service

8) Cancel corporate credit card

9) Update human resources system

10) Update medical insurance provider

11) Severance / release agreement

12) Notify other employees, key customers, vendors


13) Change Active Directory / LDAP password, move to “Former Employee” group

14) Turn off VPN access and access to remote email (e.g., OWA)

15) Reset mobile device password

16) Send remote wipe / kill command to mobile device

17) Remove access to corporate data from personal device (e.g., iPhone)

18) Change phone system password

19) Create email archive

20) Forward email address to appropriate employee

21) Collect computers, phones, smartphones, RSA keyfob, wireless card, keys, access card

22) Turn off access to any disaster recovery / failover sites or systems

23) Turn off access to any hosted applications / cloud-based applications

24) Turn off access to shared drives, and prepare archive

25) Remove permissions from Outlook/Exchange

26) Remove from email distribution lists

27) Securely wipe equipment before repurposing or disposing

28) Update Asset Tracking Inventory

Want a form to use in your business?

To save you some time, we’ve created a print-ready copy of these 28 tips as a checklist you can use when firing an employee.  We strongly recommend keeping a copy of any termination checklist you use in the employee’s files in case you’re ever audited.

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