Can Gmail and G Suite really be HIPAA compliant?

Yes!  But only if you know the right steps to take.

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HIPAA Compliant.

Can you email PHI? Can you use your mobile phone? What forms do you need? Get the answers here.

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Which Gmail / G Suite plan can be HIPAA compliant?
What legal agreements do you need to sign with Google?
What forms and policies should you implement in your company?
Do you need to use secure, encrypted email?
How should you train your staff?
What G Suite settings do you need to change?
What do you need to tell patients?
Will Gmail and G Suite keep you safe from hackers?
Will they keep you safe from phishing attacks?
Is Gmail and G Suite all you need? Will they protect your computers?
How do you make sure your staff doesn’t accidentally cause a HIPAA breach?
What are the best practices that you need to follow when setting up Gmail and G Suite?
Where can you go for help if you need help setting things up properly?

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