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Category: HIPAA and Microsoft365

Microsoft365 is a service used for email by millions of people worldwide - and it can be used as part of a HIPAA compliant organization! It’s affordable, convenient and has some excellent security features. We talk with practices every day about using Microsoft365 in a HIPAA compliant manner. Learn more in the articles below.

Tired of researching HIPAA on your own? We’re experts at moving small practices to Office 365.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage - The 11 Best Services To Consider (2023)

Jan 01, 2021 by Josh Ablett
“What are my options for HIPAA compliant cloud storage? ” In recent years, cloud storage has risen in both effectiveness and popularity. Its convenience is undeniable– the ability to access your data from anywhere is amazing. But can business associates and medical providers take advantage of these services to store PHI? What exactly does it […]
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Is Microsoft 365 HIPAA compliant? - Make It More Secure

Dec 15, 2020 by Josh Ablett
Health care providers must follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  Is Microsoft 365 HIPAA compliant, though? This act protects your patient healthcare data (PHI). As more clinicians are electronically transmitting patient records and other personal information to specialists and medical facilities, it is imperative that we ensure that information is secure because […]
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Microsoft365 HIPAA Compliance - 6 Reasons Why It's Great

Dec 05, 2020 by Josh Ablett
Thinking about moving your practice to Microsoft365?  We’re big fans.  Microsoft has really invested a ton in robust security settings and HIPAA compliance. Here are six features that show how Microsoft is serious about medical practices, HIPAA, and IT security. 1) HIPAA Business Associate agreement Microsoft will execute a HIPAA BAA that covers Microsoft365.  Check […]
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Outlook HIPAA Compliant - 3 things you should know about the compliance.

Oct 10, 2020 by Josh Ablett
One of the most common questions we get from people in the medical industry is "Is Outlook HIPAA compliant?" The answer is Yes — Outlook is HIPAA compliant when set up correctly. In this article, we'll tell you how to make Outlook HIPAA Compliant? We recently took an in-depth look at Microsoft365 to answer the […]
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