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Virtual CISO for Wealth Management Firms

Our clients sleep better knowing their cybersecurity is handled. 

What We Do

We put your cybersecurity on auto-pilot.  
Cybersecurity Kick Off
Jumpstart your cybersecurity 
Find your sensitive data
We'll figure out where your sensitive data is and how to protect it.  
Gap assessment
We'll compare your company against industry best practices and SEC expectations.
Cloud cybersecurity review
We'll review the security settings on Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace
Create or edit your key documents
Written cybersecurity policy, and building and delivering custom cybersecurity training
Virtual CISO Service
Ongoing oversight of your security
Hacker Monitoring
We watch your network and your Internet profile just like a hacker would.   
Teach Your Users
Custom training sessions, monthly training videos, and fake phishing attacks
Compliance Calendar
We take care of your critical monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual tasks.
Vulnerability Scanning
We'll tell you which computers are vulnerable to hackers, and how to fix them.  

How We Charge

Our pricing scales based on firm size.  
We have clients as small as a single person and as large as 250 employees.  
Cybersecurity Kick Off
Jumpstart your cybersecurity 


one-time payment
Get Your Pricing
Virtual CISO Service
Ongoing oversight of your security


per computer, monthly
Get Your Pricing
Cancel any time with 30 days notice.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Learn more about working with Adelia Risk.  
Do you have any minimums?

Our minimum is $399/month.    
Why do you have minimums?
Many of our services and products cost us the same whether you're a one person company or a 200 person company, so minimums are needed to cover those.  
How do you collect payments?
You get an invoice once a month, and can pay the invoice via credit card or ACH.  You can also save your payment method to auto-pay each month.  
How do vendor reviews work?
Our standard pricing includes up to five vendors reviewed annually.  Additional vendors are available for an additional $20/month per additional five vendors.
Do you require long-term contracts?
No!  Either party may cancel at any time with 30 days notice.  We only want to work with happy, engaged clients.  
How do you keep computers safe?
We provide guidance & checklists to follow.  If you have no IT company, we can optionally provide advanced antivirus, 24x7 monitoring, and safe browsing.
How do you keep emails safe?
We'll help set up your email systems properly.  If you have no IT company, we can provide advanced email security, email archiving, and secure email.  
How do you keep smartphones safe?
We provide checklists for both iOS and Android mobile devices and help you set up your mobile device management system.  
Do you offer consulting?
Yes, but only to our Virtual CISO clients. We provide estimates and monthly billing on consulting services so you have control over the process.  
What are typical consulting projects?
Writing a new information security policy, custom security training for employees, investigating breaches, support and preparing for audits, etc.  
How will I know if I'm hacked at 2am?
We provide a service that can monitor your systems 24x7, and have a 24x7 operations center that can respond to any urgent or suspicious activity.  
How do I get help from your team?
We provide unlimited email support.  Priority  response is given to Secure and Advanced clients. Some clients also opt to meet with us monthly or quarterly.
Our Testimonials

What our clients say about us

Stacey Sternberg
Parsons Capital
"Working with Adelia Risk provides peace of mind. I sleep better at night knowing that our client data is being protected. Josh and his team are responsive, highly knowledgeable and helpful. They take complicated topics and make them understandable. We love working with Adelia Risk!"
Charlie Jackson
Jackson Money Management
"Like most investment advisors, I wanted to worry less and prepare for our next audit. Other vendors offered confusing "one size fits all" solutions. Since working with Adelia, we've built a policy that we understand and can achieve! We passed our most recent audit with flying colors."
W. Ben Utley
Physician Family Financial Advisors, Inc.
"Before we hired Adelia, I thought our IT people (me) had the cybersecurity thing covered.  'We' were wrong. Josh helped us find the gaps, close the gaps and document everything so we're as buttoned up as we need to be for our clients and the SEC."
Seth Jentner
Jentner Wealth Management
I chose Adelia Risk because I understood that they would guide me through a process, not simply provide tools for me to learn and use.

I was not disappointed!

We're just like you, but for cybersecurity

Like you, we make complex topics simple.   
Simple Cybersecurity
Keep It Simple
Like you, we get reams of complex data and make it simple. 
calm cybersecurity
Stay Calm
Like you, our clients can hit stormy waters.  We help them through.   
risky cybersecurity
Manage Risk
Like you, we help clients understand risk and make decisions.   
We help over 100 of the best financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing companies across the U.S. with their cybersecurity.
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