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Your company needs an Information Security policy.
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You’re sick of all the complexity - just give me a one-stop place to do this!
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If so, read on...

Here’s why THOUSANDS are getting hit with breaches by messing this up…

Here’s a story for you.  This is disgusting, and happened to one of our clients.

This client is a two-person financial services firm.

Yes, even two-person firms need an Information Security policy.  

They went to one of those online services — you know the type.

For $99, you get their template “customized” for you.

The end result?

This two-person company had a 200 page Information Security policy!

In many ways, this is worse than having no policy at all.  

We read the policy, and it was very clear that the firm wasn’t doing 90% of the things that the policy said they were.

And believe me — an auditor or a breach investigator would see right through that.  They hate it when they get policies that are long and useless.  

Don’t fall for the same trick.

Take the time to build your policy the right way.

Introducing the Information Security Policy Masterclass

We built this course to show you how an expert writes an Information Security policy.
This course is suitable for companies of all size, and in all industries.
Here’s what you get:
An easy-to-follow system for setting up your security policy
Detailed video lessons that cover everything you need to know to get your policy perfected TODAY
Downloadable resources to help you stay compliant like our incident response policy and employee termination checklist.
An online community where you can get questions answered quickly.
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