Protect Your Business
from Hackers

Cyber Security Protection focused on Healthcare

  • We’ll protect you from phishing attacks. We use the best email scanner, plus set you up so you can securely send and receive emails.
  • We’ll keep your team safe on the Internet. Your website browsing will be secure, and we’ll monitor it to make sure there are no signs of attack.
  • We’ll keep an eye on your team. We’ll alert you if your employee credentials are compromised, if they show up on “do not hire” watchlists, or if there are signs that they are stealing data or violating HIPAA.
  • We’ll monitor your website and network. If you’re attacked or if you have gaps where hackers can get in, we’ll let you know.
  • We’ll defend your computers against hacks. We do the right tests and scans to find holes and check your computer settings.
  • We’ll give your team the best IT security tools. UNLIMITED policy reviews, training reviews, access to templates, and access to experts to get your cyber security and HIPAA questions answered.

Over the past year, 48,232 people
from all 50 states turned to
Adelia for cyber security help.

Why Do You Need an IT Security Service?

  • Things are getting worse. We’ve seen millions of dollars stolen in one day. We’ve seen data breaches. We’ve seen identity theft destroy businesses and families.
  • It’s getting worse for small businesses. Almost half of cyber attacks hit businesses under 250 employees.
  • It’s getting worse for healthcare. Hackers sell medical records for ten times more than credit cards on the black market.
  • Hacked companies don’t even know they’ve been hacked. It takes businesses six months to learn they were hacked.

Adelia helped us dramatically accelerate our
improvement and expansion of an
already-ambitious HIPAA and
IT Security program.”
– Dan A., COO, HIPAA-Compliant
Medical Process Outsourcing Firm



  • Unlimited security policy reviews
  • Unlimited training material reviews
  • Private Facebook Q&A group
  • Library of document templates
  • Urgent IT Security news via email
  • The best anti-phishing email scanner
  • User credential breach alerts
  • Scan employees on “no hire” watchlists
  • Monthly network vulnerability scans
  • Monthly website hack scans


  • Quarterly simulated phishing attacks
  • Detailed email security setting review
  • Block visits to infected websites
  • Block visits to inappropriate websites
  • Quarterly employee tests
  • Quarterly computer IT security tests
  • Firewall anomaly detection
  • Weekly network vulnerability scans
  • Weekly website hack scans
  • Secure Password Management


  • Send PHI via Secure Email
  • Alerts on unusual web anomalies
  • Alerts on unusual network anomalies
  • Alerts on unusual email anomalies
  • Alerts on unusual computer activity
  • Computer vulnerability scans
  • Monitoring users for suspicious activity
  • Help moving your business to the cloud
  • IT Security and HIPAA consulting