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Stop Being Frustrated by HIPAA

If your company is between 1 and 50 people, we make it RIDICULOUSLY EASY to follow HIPAA.
We make four things HIPAA compliant:

  1. Your email,
  2. Your computers,
  3. Your employees, and
  4. Your paperwork

HIPAA is confusing. You can waste DAYS on research.
That's time you should be spending with your patients.
Here's how we help:

HIPAA Compliant Email

First, we'll set you up with Google Google Workspace or Microsoft Microsoft365, and we'll make it HIPAA compliant.
We take the time to set them up RIGHT. Our competitors leave the setup to you. They even force you to sign contracts that dump the liability on your shoulders!
We then add two of the best add-ons we've found:

  1. An excellent email scanner that stops viruses and ransomware
  2. The easiest secure email program for sending PHI via email

Once it's set up, we'll take the time to show you how everything works and answer your questions.
You don't have to do a thing to get it set up. It couldn't be easier.

HIPAA Compliant Computers

Ever try to figure out how to set up your computer to be HIPAA compliant? It's nearly impossible!
We make it simple. We'll give you detailed checklists to follow for Windows or Mac computers.
Don't forget smartphones! We'll also show you what you need to handle PHI on your iOS or Android devices.
To make sure your computers are safe, we'll install computer programs that:

  1. Keep you safe when you're using the Internet, and
  2. Find the vulnerabilities on your computer that hackers can use to steal your PHI

HIPAA Compliant Employees

HIPAA requires you to keep your staff trained.
It's not enough to train them once. You need to have on-going training and awareness.
We offer two types of online video training:

  1. Annual HIPAA training and certification
  2. Monthly hilarious cyber security training

Want to see how our training is different?  Watch the video.

HIPAA Compliant Paperwork

HIPAA compliance includes a ton of documentation. From Privacy Policies to Email Consent to HIPAA Business Associate Agreements, you need to make sure you have your ducks in a row.
We can get you started with some best-practice templates that we've used with our clients.


Do you want the cheapest way to get HIPAA compliant? Then you should probably stop reading.
We are NOT the cheapest solution you can find.
We ARE the easiest and the most complete.
We take the time (a LOT of time) to:

  • Set everything up the RIGHT way
  • Document it thoroughly, and
  • Answer all of your questions

As with all things in life, HIPAA is a tradeoff between money and time. The cheap guys either make you take the time to set things up yourself, or don't set things up correctly and rely on fine print to not get caught.

How to Apply

Setting it all up right takes time.  A LOT of time.
Because of this, this program is extremely limited.
We only take on 2-3 new practices each month, and we're highly selective about who we help.
We only pick practices who are serious about doing the right things to keep their medical data safe.
Click Apply Now to start the application process.
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Our Clients Say...

Grace Barker Health, RI

Adelia Risk is exactly what I needed for my business, I’m in healthcare and protecting PHI is critical. We've been using Google's Google Workspace for a while now, but we weren't sure if it was set up properly. Adelia Risk made it so we don't have to worry. They took care of our email security, made sure our computers were set up the right way, and even took the time to train our staff on how to be safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant.

PR NRX Solutions, CA

As a nursing service specializing in prescription management, we handle ePHI for multiple practices. We need to be able to prove that we are HIPAA-compliant and safer than the medical practices we serve. Adelia Risk made sure our computers and email were set up correctly. We use a secure version of Google’s Google Workspace that makes it easy to securely send and receive emails from patients, other practices, and insurance companies. I highly recommend working with Adelia if you want to make sure your company is safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant.

Corvallis Natural Medicine, OR

I find it difficult to keep up with the ever changing HIPAA regulations. After spending hours on my own research, I was more confused about who to trust and what to do.  Adelia Risk set everything up the right way, and made my emails safe and secure.  The best part?  I barely had to spend any time on it at all!


HIPAA Tools we Love

We can also show you tools that other practices are using to make their lives easier while remaining HIPAA compliant. Here are some examples.

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