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SEC Cybersecurity Guidance: Phishing

As our work moves online and becomes more digital, our risks are changing. In recognition of this fact, registered investment advisors must take cybersecurity seriously. The SEC cybersecurity guidance lays out clear directions for taking [...]

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SEC Cybersecurity Guidance: Wire Fraud

Wire fraud is a huge problem for Registered Investment Advisors. Every day, criminals trick firms like yours into wiring funds out of client OR firm accounts. What is the SEC Cybersecurity Guidance on wire [...]

SEC Cybersecurity Guidance: Mobile Device Management

Protecting Your Business’ Most Sensitive Mobile Data Gone are the days of the rotary phone.  Data is immensely portable.  As we — individuals, consumers, corporate employees, investment advisors and financial investors — continue to rely [...]

SEC Cybersecurity Guidance: Business Continuity Planning (Pt. 2)

Welcome back to SEC Cybersecurity Guidance: Business Continuity Planning.  The first steps (found here in Part 1) are: List your Specific Needs, and Discuss and Document... and here, in Part 2, we talk, and [...]

Do You Need Cybersecurity Insurance?

It's a good idea... We have a lot of conversations with our clients about cybersecurity insurance.  Adelia Risk doesn't sell cybersecurity insurance. Instead, we provide a holistic cybersecurity service to small, high value, heavily regulated [...]

HIPAA Compliant Email: 7 Ways to Email PHI

How do you send PHI via email and still follow HIPAA?  And how do you send encrypted email in Gmail?  These are two of the most common questions we get. It’s an understandable [...]

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