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Is Gmail Encryption HIPAA Compliant In 2019?

We've recently discussed whether or not Gmail is HIPAA Compliant. In short, it depends. Gmail is HIPAA compliant when set up correctly. But what about Gmail encryption? Is Gmail encryption HIPAA compliant? Once again, it [...]

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Is Zoho Email HIPAA Compliant?

Zoho Mail is a popular email platform that’s geared towards businesses. It offers a user-friendly minimalist interface that's supported by some powerful features. So you can create, communicate, and collaborate in an ad-free environment. But [...]

By |May 31st, 2019|Categories: Email Cyber Security, HIPAA, HIPAA and Email|0 Comments

HIPAA Compliant Email – What Makes Email HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA Compliant Email is at the heart of modern medical practices. It makes administrative processes more efficient. It also saves time by automating communication (like reminding patients about appointments). Emails also help both the provider [...]

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SEC Cybersecurity Guidance: Emails and Texting

In our line of work, we hear a lot of myths and rumors. For example, some people say that Office365 isn’t SEC compliant because it’s in the cloud. We have also heard some people saying [...]

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