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Month: April 2020

VPN and RDP: Securely Work from Home

April 27, 2020 by Holly Sagstetter
We are now living in a world where most people work from home. Due to COVID-19, experts are saying that if you can stay home, you should stay home. Employers are scrambling to make sure employees have the tools they need AND that they are keeping data safe.  By offering remote access, you're doing the […]
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Is Google Meet HIPAA Compliant?

April 21, 2020 by Holly Sagstetter
We have heard from practices all over that want to start using Google Meet for telemedicine. One of their first questions is “Is Google Meet HIPAA compliant?” This article will explore Google’s G Suite, common questions about Google Meet and a quick comparison of other telemedicine/teleconferencing options. We’ve seen a tremendous increase in interest about […]
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